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Hey there, gorgeous!

Whether you’re a new member of our curly community or a seasoned curl veteran, welcome to Fearless Curls!

I’m the curl enthusiast behind this little corner of the internet and trust me, I’ve been right where you are.

We’re talking tangled knots, frizz that could compete with a lion’s mane, and hair products that promised me the world but left me with…well, less than stellar results.

However, in the last three years, I’ve been on an amazing journey embracing my natural curls, and oh boy, do I have a treasure trove of curly wisdom to share with you!

The Curly Girl Method has been my roadmap, life-saver, and go-to for all things curl-related, with a few added techniques of my own, of course.

Whether you’re just starting out on your curl journey or looking for fresh ideas to spruce up your routine, I’m here to help.

Together, we’ll make your curls the envy of the straight-haired world. So, welcome to Fearless Curls – the ultimate hub for your glorious tresses. Let’s navigate this curly world together, shall we?

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Start with the Curly Hair Beginner Series

The Curly Hair Beginner series will give you tons of basic knowledge on taking care of and embracing your natural curls. There are nine different articles, but they’re all a pretty quick read.

Next, Read ‘Now What?’

Ok, you have some curly hair knowledge, but now you just want to start your own routine, right? Right.

Read ‘Now What? How to Start Your Own Curly Hair Routine‘, which will give you some simple steps to getting started.

You’ll tweak your routine as you learn about your hair type (I’m always changing mine up!), but this will help you get started and hopefully not feel so overwhelmed.

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