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How to Pineapple Hair: A Curly Girl’s Guide to Overnight Hair Care

How to Pineapple Hair: A Curly Girl’s Guide to Overnight Hair Care

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Inside: Wake up to stunning and bouncy curls every day with the magic of pineappling! This blog post breaks down how to pineapple curly hair for sleep and helps you embrace your natural locks.

Follow our step-by-step guide and tips for maintaining those perfect curls overnight. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to gorgeous, naturally curly hair!

You’ve probably heard about ‘pineappling’ lately. I kind of talk about it a lot on social media. I just can’t help myself.

Today we’re going to dive right in and discover what all the fuss is about. If you’ve been seeking the secret to maintaining your glorious curls overnight, you’re in for a treat.

Let’s get started!

How to Pineapple Hair: It’s More Than Just a Fruit! (LOL)

We’re twins

What is Pineappling?

So what’s with the term ‘pineappling’? It’s a fun, easy technique that involves piling your hair on top of your head, much like a pineapple, before hitting the hay.

Um, why you ask? This isn’t just about making a funny-looking hair statement.

Pineappling has a deeper purpose that goes beyond that. It’s a curly hair hack that’s been around in the natural hair community for a while, and it’s time I shared the not-so-secret secret.

Why Pineappling is a Curly Girl’s Best Friend

The first question that popped into my head when I heard about pineappling was, what the heck? The second question was why?

Turns out, this simple hair trick comes with a handful of benefits.

Maintains Your Curls

After spending time perfecting our curls, we want them to last as long as possible. Because wash day can TAKE FOREVER. Who wants to ruin all that work?

The pineapple technique helps keep those curls intact while we’re sleeping. It allows us to wake up with our curls looking almost as fresh as they did the night before.

Prevents Frizz

The enemy of any curly-haired girl? Frizz. Luckily, pineappling is here to help. It protects our hair from rubbing against our pillows, reducing frizz, and keeping our curls smoother and more defined.

Adds Volume

If you’re after volume, pineappling is for you. By placing your curls on top of your head overnight, you’re giving them an extra lift. This means you’ll wake up with voluminous, bouncy curls.

I actually look forward to taking my hair out of my scrunchie in the morning because the volume is in full force and it just makes me happy.

So, How Do We Pineapple?

Now that we know what pineappling is and why we should do it, let’s talk about how to get it done. Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to pineapple your hair like a pro.

1. Loosely Gather Your Hair

Starting with dry hair, gently flip your hair upside down and gather it all at the top of your head. The key here is to keep it loose. You don’t want any pulling or tension that can lead to headaches or breakage.

2. Secure with a Soft Hair Tie

Once you have your hair gathered, secure it with a scrunchie, like these, or a soft hair tie. We’re trying to avoid breakage here, so no tight elastics, ladies!

3. Let Your Curls Fall

Let the ends of your hair fall freely. This creates the ‘pineapple’ look and allows your curls to maintain their shape overnight.

Pineappling: More than Just a Nighttime Routine

Now, before we part ways, remember that pineappling isn’t just for bedtime. This method can also be a lifesaver during other activities that can disrupt your curls, like workouts or lounging around the house.

Just as with nighttime pineappling, make sure to use a soft hair tie and keep it loose. Your curls will thank you.

Embrace Your Curls and the Pineapple!

And there we have it! Your guide to pineappling, an essential part of the curly girl method. It’s an easy, quick technique to help you maintain your gorgeous curls.