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The Curly Hair Journey Takes Time, Patience, and Consistency

The Curly Hair Journey Takes Time, Patience, and Consistency

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Inside: Patience is a Virtue – Understanding the Time It Takes in the Curly Hair Journey. Curious about what it really takes to embark on a curly hair journey? Our latest blog post delves into the time, patience, and love required to truly embrace your curly or wavy hair.

Today, we’re going to chat about a concept that’s near and dear to my heart: embracing the journey to beautiful, natural curls.

It’s been a wild ride for me, too, so I want to share some of my insights and experiences with you all.

Beginner Series

Side note: this is the last article in the Curly Hair Beginner Series. You can see all of them by clicking the ‘read more’ button.

My Personal Curly Hair Journey

First, I thought it would be fun to show you the progress of my hair over the past few years.

This was day 1 of the curly girl method for me.

We were getting ready to move to Hawaii from Cedar Park, TX for a year and I knew wearing my hair naturally curly there would be best. Between the beach visits and the climate, I figured breaking out the straightener would be a waste of time.

To say I wasn’t happy with my day 1 journey would be an understatement. It had no volume and was really stringy. I also tried adding oil to it to “break the cast” and added way too much. Good times!

Here’s a picture after we moved to Hawaii…a couple of months into embracing my curls. (And also not wearing a stitch of makeup. 😬)

It was still not going well. I could not for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong and wondered when those beautiful curls I kept seeing and hearing about would grace me with their presence.

After 8 months on the Big Island, we decided to move back to Texas. And I decided I would keep trying to wear my hair naturally curly.

Guess what? Still stringy and lacking curl definition and volume.

I decided to add a diffuser to my routine and switched around my product layering technique.

My hair started to look a little better and I was finally pleased with the results and feeling like I was “getting it” when it came to taking care of my curly hair.

But it wasn’t until I got a haircut that worked with my curls instead of against them that I went from kind of liking my hair to loving it.

Now, although I love my hair now and feel like I have more of an idea of what works for my hair type, I am still always learning and always experimenting.

I also have bad hair days all the time. (One thing you’ll notice is that your curls never look the same from one day to the next, no matter if you do exactly the same thing.)

So, here are a few things I’ve learned about embracing those curls and the patience, time, and consistency it takes.

Give It Time: The Slow and Steady Curl Race

Don’t Expect Overnight Results

First, I need to emphasize this: beautiful, healthy, defined curls don’t just happen overnight. Trust me, I’ve been there, standing in front of the mirror wondering why it hasn’t magically transformed into the perfect spiral ringlets I’d envisioned. (See day 1 picture above.)

But it just doesn’t work that way. Our hair needs time to recover from years of damage, neglect, and those straightening irons that we used way too much (guilty as charged!).

The Journey of Weeks and Months

Remember when I said this was a marathon? Well, brace yourselves.

It can take weeks, or even months of consistent care and curl love to see a real difference. That means sticking to your routine, even if you feel like nothing is happening.

Remember, your dream curl pattern won’t happen in a day.

Patience is Key: Embracing the Curl Wait

Persevere Through the ‘Meh’ Days

As you begin your curl journey, you’re going to have some days where your curls look more like a frizz ball than the glorious mane you’ve been dreaming of. Or just flat and stringy.

It’s disheartening, I know. But guess what? I’ve been there. This is where patience comes in. Those ‘meh’ days are just part of the journey. Hold on, persevere, and remember that great curls take time.

Embrace the Transition

While you’re waiting for your curls to come into their own, this is a great time to embrace the transition. This can be an exciting time of discovering what your hair needs.

You’re learning what works for your hair and what doesn’t, and every wash day is an adventure. And you know what? Sometimes, those ‘in-between’ curls can be really cute!

Celebrate Small Wins: Every Curl Counts

Recognizing Progress

Progress isn’t just about the end goal. It’s about the small victories along the way.

Did your hair hold its curl a little better today? Did it feel softer, look shinier, or seem a little less frizzy?

Those are all wins! Embrace them, celebrate them, and remember to give yourself a little pat on the back. Or a fluff of the hair. (But not too much, because frizz.)

Your Unique Curl Journey

Every curl journey is unique. What works for one person might not work for another, and that’s okay.

In the end, there’s no right or wrong way to embrace your natural texture. What matters is that you’re taking steps to care for your curls and love them in all their natural, bouncy glory.

So, remember to be patient with yourself and your hair.

It can be easy to get discouraged, but keep going. Celebrate your progress, no matter how small, and remember that every curl journey is unique.

Above all, enjoy the process. Your curls are beautiful, and they’re a part of who you are. I’m right here with you, every step of the way.

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